A nice lil’ photoset of artwork done for my lady, Jen! I haven’t showcased a couple of these in public before, so why not now on the day after her birthday?

The top image is my half of an art trade with her; she wanted Empy and Jen hanging out together on a ship, though the initial idea was much grander, but I lacked the skills to pull it off! One day, that idea will see the light!

The second is cheer-up giftart done around the beginning of the year, and she going through some really tough times. Had to let her know that I got her back. ♥

And the third was just recently finished today, a birthday gift of her characters Aine, an oak hamadryad in her autumn phase (God, I love her hair), and Dillon, a music teacher and Aine’s best friend! This was meant to be her birthday gift last year, but I never got around to completing it (I’m late for everyone’s birthday)! Jen, you are getting another gift for THIS year, m’kay? M’kay!

Love you, Jen! ♥