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Petite Phoenix 
Arkaenalan | Empyrisan (Empy Tori) | Illustration | Fantasy
2014 / 9 / 5

A personal piece of Empy Tori holding a bouquet of four roses representing the “Four Loves”, as made distinct in the Greek language. Red is for Eros (Romantic Love), Pink is for Storge (Familiar Love), Yellow is for Philia (Friendship Love), and White is for Agape (Unconditional Love).


I could really use some help.


My cat Gonzo, who I have had since 3rd grade, has developed a lump on his neck under his jaw. I don’t know exactly what it is, it could even be something minor, but I need to take him to the vet asap. I don’t know how expensive it’ll be or how soon I can get him…

Help my friend Dash by commissioning her so she can take her cat Gonzo to the vet!

Flight Rising Dragon Portraits I.I
Flight Rising | Various Characters | Illustration

A collection of “Dragon Portrait” commissions taken at Flight Rising!

1.) JCStitches - Cupid the Tundra
2.) Empyrisan - Ebiasaph the Spiral
3.) Benalene - Mheras the Tundra
4.) Vaylise - Ninja the Fae
5.) Sylvarant - Sephiroth the Imperial

If you’re interested in one of these, you can check here for details!

Owl Dragon Concept Art I
Flight Rising | Owl Dragon | Sketches
2014 / 6 / 27

Concept art sketches for a new Flight Rising breed suggestion, the Owl Dragon, designed for this thread!

"I went for a flat-looking face for the dragon. In front view, it looks like they have a beak. Tried to keep the eyes big and/or slanted. Long neck, partially feathered wings, maybe like those of the Imperials or Wildclaws. Talons would be like an owl.

I like the idea of tiny ear tufts! Could be actually ears or feathers! The mess of feathers and spines around their face may point forward, creating a hood of sorts. Could be decorative. Maybe defensive? Picks up sound waves? Looks I went overboard and channeled some Jacobin pigeon into the design.

Maybe the Owl Dragon likes making a habit of scaring its lair mates late in night while keeping a SRS BSNS face! A breed originating from Shadow!

Agree or disagree, Ihadfunsketchingthese.”

Portrait of Lady Auraelesmatra
Flight Rising | Auraelesmatra | Illustration 
2014 / 6 / 27

A saint-like portrait of my Imperial progenitor Auraelesmatra, from the game Flight Rising.



  Ive made a weebly with commission prices and examples and even buttons to buy them!!!

While I do have set prices I am in need of cash for the summer because my source of income is renovating its store!!!

 Im out of the job!!! 

I gotta pay rent and I also have a hefty $750 bill for getting 

my wisdom teeth surgically removed so I need every bit I can get.

On the side of my blog and also the front page of this site you can just donate to me for nothin but also if you want you can request a small or large drawing depending what you give me. Thank you so much for helping!!

commission ham!!!!!! 

im also still standing by my offer that if you commission ham for $25 or more i will give you a free drawing too, either a simple drawing or a nice sketch or whatever just give ham a hand

Empty Victory
Regicide | Prince Kaitos | Illustration
2014 / 6 / 15

A portrait of a new character, Prince Kaitos, from Regicide, a story I’ve been playing around with and working on for a long time now. I decided to start a development blog to kick myself into starting it and, eventually, finish it. Like most of my stories, it spawned from a dream.

In short, Regicide is about fathers, both those related and unrelated by blood.

Happy Father’s Day.


Hello! I’m Empyrisan and I’ve finally started a Flight Rising blog to keep all posts related to the game off my personal blog. Thought I’d kick things off by talking a little bit about my first two dragons!

Here are Auraelesmatra and Satoragdos, my two Wind Imperial progenitors. They’re a mated, monogamous pair and I love them a whole lot!

I’m thankful for the Emblem apparel items because I can pretend they’re from different flights. Every time I look at Aurae, she looks like a Light dragon rather than a Wind dragon to me (the light green sheen in Maize Iridescent helps support her Wind element, though). And poor Sator has been Scatterscroll’d twice to change his previous and atrocious color combinations.

If you play FR and would like a 2nd-generation Imperial from this couple, just send me a PM here or through the site and we can discuss the price or trade!

AT: Sakuryoko’s Flight
Sirfy | Sakuryoko
Trade | Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 3 / 20

My half of an art trade with Sirfy, depicting her dragon character Sakuryoko playing in the clouds.

GA: Jen’s Hens and Pigs
Gift | Illustration | Fantasy 
Jen, Bratwurst, Lydia, Mariposa, and Sophia
2011 / 1 / 22

A birthday gift for Jen


Hey look I’m doing commissions ◡‿◡✿

Project Dragons: New Year 2011
"Project Dragons | Father Time and New Year Hatchling | Character Design/Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 1 / 6

New Year 2011 illustration of Father Time and New Year Baby as dragons.

ARK: Emory Eleutherios - Reference 2011
Arkaenalan | Emory Eleutherios | Character Design | Fantasy/Steampunk
2011 / 5 / 4 

An old reference sheet for Emory Eleutherios.

Sacrifice OCT
Sacrifice OCT | Emory Eleutherios | Illustration | Macabre

Illustrations of Emory Eleutherios for Sacrifice OCT.

Other characters featured belong to their respective owners.

ARK: Kung Fu Wafai
Arkaenalan | Wafai | Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 8 / 26

His kicks were fast as lightning!