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AT: Sakuryoko’s Flight
Sirfy | Sakuryoko
Trade | Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 3 / 20

My half of an art trade with Sirfy, depicting her dragon character Sakuryoko playing in the clouds.

GA: Jen’s Hens and Pigs
Gift | Illustration | Fantasy 
Jen, Bratwurst, Lydia, Mariposa, and Sophia
2011 / 1 / 22

A birthday gift for Jen


Hey look I’m doing commissions ◡‿◡✿


So just a reminder that I am open for commission. I’ve been looking for work for a while and it’s been harder then I thought. I’m running out of money atm.  I would be glad to draw a fan art or an OC for you :D  (Price may vary if there’s more the 2 characters in a commission too.)

Project Dragons: New Year 2011
"Project Dragons | Father Time and New Year Hatchling | Character Design/Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 1 / 6

New Year 2011 illustration of Father Time and New Year Baby as dragons.

ARK: Emory Eleutherios - Reference 2011
Arkaenalan | Emory Eleutherios | Character Design | Fantasy/Steampunk
2011 / 5 / 4 

An old reference sheet for Emory Eleutherios.

Sacrifice OCT
Sacrifice OCT | Emory Eleutherios | Illustration | Macabre

Illustrations of Emory Eleutherios for Sacrifice OCT.

Other characters featured belong to their respective owners.

ARK: Kung Fu Wafai
Arkaenalan | Wafai | Illustration | Fantasy
2011 / 8 / 26

His kicks were fast as lightning!

Hello, I have a question: what is Empy (the character)? They (she?) seems to be a sort of a dragon person but I have certain doubts.

Empy is a guardian angel with a number of abilities, with shape-shifting being one of them! They usually choose transform into a full-on bird or dragon, but I’ve yet to draw a decent picture depicting the latter.

Most of the time, however, I draw her adopting some avian/dragonish attributes, like wings, a tail, feathers on her arms, and bird-like dragon legs, since she seems favor changing parts of her body rather than sticking to her default human form.

I’m trying not to give out too much info about what exactly she is yet, but one can consider her to be a dragon, more or less!

Gosh wow, I see you post some of your earlier works and I have to say that your amazing at drawing feathers. They look so fluffy, plus they remind me of howls feathers in howls moving castle!

Thank you! I really, really, REALLY love feathers, so naturally, I’m better at drawing them more often than human hands!

Oh man, Howl’s Moving Castle has been a huge influence on how I draw feathers and bird people in general! Lots of nice shots of Howl’s raven form to pick from the film!






I need new relaxing things to do, I love drawing faces and expression, extra cash is always nice so I’m gonna so bust commissions yeah!!!  If u like what u see here’s the lowdown:

Sketchy no color/solid one colors (such as the first image): $4 !!!
Lined w/color: $5 !!!
Painted(such as the third image): $7 !!!
Every Second character you want will only be +$2 each or +$3 if painted

I’ll take up to five commissions for now!

1. jambandit - paid - sketching

Tell me/link me what you would like via ask/fanmail/email

ARK: Empyrisan’s Viral World Attire v.1
Arkaenalan | Empyrisan | Character Design | Fantasy
2011 / 10 / 8

At some point in the story, Empyrisan enters the viral world filled with sickly spirits. Touching these spirits will instantly make one gravely ill.

ARK: Reflecting Nestling
Arkaenalan | Empyrisan | Illustration | Minimalism
2011 / 12 / 19

Best to bleed and mope alone.

ARK: Violet Ventilation
Arkaenalan | Empyrisan | Illustration | Gore
2011 / 11 / 1

Violent, violent ventilation…